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      "Did you administer the sacrament of penance to the incestuous wretch?"JAPANESE MUSICIANS. JAPANESE MUSICIANS.

      "And really, you know, they say she's almost as truly a scout as Ned Fer'--as Lieutenant Ferry-Durand. She's from New Orleans, you know, and she's like us, half-Creole; but her other half is Highland Scotch--isn't that romantic! When she told us about it she laughed and said it explained some things in her which nothing else could excuse! Wasn't that funny!--oh, pshaw! it doesn't sound a bit funny as I tell it, but she said it in such a droll way! She was so full of fun and frolic that day! You can't conceive how full of them she is--sometimes; how soberly she can say the funniest things, and how funnily she can say the soberest things!""The child is exceedingly like you!" remarked Richard.

      "The city of London!" repeated Turner in a tone that implied little approval of the suggestion.

      Alice drew in her breath sharply.


      "Thirdly.That all men may buy and sell in any city or town in England."He was roused from this quarter of an hours reverie, most unusual to him in the middle of the morning, by the entrance of one of the porters with a card on a tray.