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      Especially the girls, said Trafford, with a smile. Theyll be delighted to welcome their prime favorite back. I hope youve come back heart-whole, old man?

      The paper burned and Hilary read. "Always the man of the moment, me!" said Mandeville. "And also 't is thangs to me you are the firs' inform', and if you are likewise the firs' to ripport--"

      He stood and gazed at her with a presentiment of coming ill; and he noticed, for the first time, that her lips were compressed and her brows drawn straight, as they always were when she was serious or troubled about anything.

      He stood looking at her for a moment, his face as white as hers. He even took a step toward her: but she put out her[101] hand, with a gesture almost imperial, and he took up his hat and went.

      Happy! He flushed. I dont see where the happiness comes in. You appear to forget that I am a pauper, Esmeralda.Norman sat listening in perfect silence; once he reached for the decanter, then paused and put it away. He had had quite enough wine, he remembered suddenly.


      Anna drew her to a sofa, seeing pictures of her and Hilary together, and tortured with a belief in their exquisite fitness to be so. "Can I help you, dear?" she asked, though the question echoed mockingly within her.Have you been down to Belfayre lately, Traff? he asked.


      Remotely in the terror's sad eyes glimmered a smile that was more than half satisfaction. "You might as well call him a coward," she murmured.


      When her smiles came the mouth remained as young as before, yet suddenly, as truly as the eyes, showed--showed him at least--steadfastness of purpose, while the eyes, where fully half the smile was, still unwittingly revealed their depths of truth.