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      "I don't think the lateness of hour will matter," she said, "unless Gwendolen is dining out. She dines out very often."

      "Because your Uncle Harry has made his will, giving it to her. Never doubt me, Master Bergan, I know what I am talking of; and when I tell you that you shall yet own Bergan Hall, and all the gold that is hidden in it, and every foot of land that belongs to it, you may believe it as implicitly as if it were written in your Bible."

      "I am very fond of books, and of music," she said; "but one gets tired of being alone after a time. It seems such ages since Martin and I said good-bye in Venice. I was dreadfully unhappy at first. I stand almost alone in the world, when I am parted from him."

      "Pray don't talk so," cried Allegra, horrified. "It sounds as if you were speculating upon your brother's death."

      Then at another period of that long struggle between life and death, reason and unreason, she had a ghastly vision of two[Pg 131] children, squatting on each side of her bed, one living, the other dead, a grisly child with throat cut from ear to ear. Again and again she implored them to take away those babiesthe dead child whose horrid aspect froze her bloodthe living child that grinned and made faces at her.

      "Very probably. But you will have to be sure of proving his share in the act if you mean to take proceedings against him."

      "I have only a white lace frock that has seen some service," replied his sister, meekly. "I dare say I shall look like somebody's poor relation at such a place as Glenaveril."


      "Ever since Tabitha left."


      "Yes, dearest, all is calm now."


      "Isola, have you forgotten that you once loved me?"I dont understand it all, said Esmeralda. I shouldnt like to live in a place that I might be turned out of any moment.